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The Dark Side!

My gal is going to write about BangBus over at sex-kitten, but just yesterday I read an article on the darker side of BangBus.

We all love 'the darker side of' things -- Washingtonienne, Bill O'Reilly and his dildoes, Schwarzenegger unappropriate behavior, but it doesn't always really matter; it's a newly created issue that seems more important than the real issue, because we're attracted to the sleazy, lewd, inappropriate world.

So, what we have in the article is the horrible story of a woman, pregnant and broke, who, with her ex responds to a classified ad looking for couples to make big money. This woman meets with the producers, signs agreements, and appears in the film. Afterwards, she ends up with no money, feeling lied to, and emotionally hurt by the process. BangBus is the bad guy for doing this to her!

The problem is, what we have here isn't a problem with pornography -- it's a problem with personal responsibility. Admittedly, it's hard to take a woman who is pregnant with without options and question her about her actions. She has an excuse (admittedly, the rather weak excuse of 'needing an abortion'), so we sympathize with her. We can't chastize her for overlooking what she was signing, not researching exactly what she'd be doing, not walking away when she got nervous, trusting her sleazy ex with the money, and believing she isn't responsible for her actions. Big, bad sleazy porn industry, who we all know rapes women regularly, did it again.

However, BangBus didn't act responsibly on their end, either. They're also responsible for making sure their talent is comfortable and understands what's going on. They're responsible for making sure everyone understands how they're going to be paid, they're responsible for being a human in all this, too.

Attention is drawn, however, to the literal fucking over she got. Lots of people get fucked over daily by businesses being heartless and being stupid of their own accord. Those don't get attention -- unless there's something sexy or naughty or sleazy about it.

Boy, I've been serious lately. Part of it may have to do with me trying to understand sex overall. I haven't had many sex partners, haven't experimented much, but now I'm tied tightly (literally and figuratively) with an ex-prostitute who runs pornographic/erotic websites. Yes, I've written erotica in the past, but it's been from my own perceptions, not anyone elses. What's all this mean?

For now, it means...


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And now I'm off to vacuum the living room - sexy, huh?