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Meddie Getting Clean!

Stop that, rubber duckie! You're leering at the young lady -- don't be such a creep. Oh, you're such a naughty rubber duckie -- so naughty!

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A Hooker To Cry On!

As the global economy suffers, Russian men are turning to prostitutes more than ever. Why? Because you pay hookers for their time, and they're good listeners. Who needs sex anyways - they probably have wives at home anyhow - but if they want somebody to care, they gotta find an escort. Way to be emotionally secure in yourself, Russian men, but kudos for using hookers for their main purpose: companionship.


Holy fuck, I've found my calling in life: fortune telling via the ancient art of 'sternomancy', which means examining the chest for aspects that might foretell the future. It seems I may need to travel to 18th-century Spain to learn the craft, but I can't find any fault in examining the chests of fine Spanish ladies in learning a new trade.

Russian Porn!

Can't read Russian? Well, it's not necessary. You should be able to figure your way through these free, ad-minimal Russian galleries of naughty activities.