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Batman Underwear!

Man, when I was a kid I totally hoped that grownups got to wear Underoos, too. I was sadly let down. Fortunately, here's the next best thing to wearing them: looking at some cute anime woman wearing nothing but comic book undies. The sale page is all in Japanese, but you can see more here.


How To Remove A Bra!

Coed magazine wants to make sure every gentleman knows one very important thing: how to properly remove a young woman's bra with grace and style. And, just for no good reason other than to add a nice ass to the mix, they included pictures of a woman removing her own bra - can't argue with that:

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Gaga Tits Afire!

Holy crap, this is so awesome. I totally want Gracie using one of these in the bedroom. Just looking at this one picture, fuck, I came twice. Ohshi-three times, now. This is awesome wrapped in a Harley tied around a timberwolf and garnished with bratwurst:

Bulletproof Bra!

It seems like there's a story almost exactly like this every couple months: Innocent bystander deflects a stray bullet with her bra, saving her life. Women, this is the last time I want to hear you complain about how uncomfortable, how pinchy, how ugly your bras are - they are fucking keeping you alive. As the zombie/Mad-Max end-of-the-world approaches, you'll need all the stray-bullet protection you can get.

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Brassiere Savant!

A ninety-year-old chinese man retired from his job last year, but is returning to his chosen career after hearing there was such a demand for his job. His mastered skill? Perfect bra construction based on merely observing said breasts. It must be tough, having a job in which he must just look at breasts all day. My abilities in bra-making require me to touch the breasts for about, oh, fifteen, twenty minutes, and then maybe I can draw a picture of a bra afterwards. My skills aren't in as much demand.

Career: Braologist!

Who do you go to when you need to know more about breasts? New Zealand "Braologist" Carol Rashleigh. Sadly, "braologist" is in quotes because few universities actually issue degrees in braology, despite the number of online "universities" that offer "courses" in such. And by "universities" I mean "porn sites", and by "courses" I mean "pearl necklace videos". Braologist Rashleigh has come forward to announce something important: New Zealand women's breasts are getting too big for their bras, practically erupting through the lace and silk. Get better bras, ladies, and do what the braologist says!

Talking Breasts!

A bra manufacturer wants women to know what happens when they wear a nice fitting, pretty bra: your tits get higher billing:

Dog Owner Breast Safety!

I've found a kindred spirit, one who watches the Kennel Club shows for the same reason: the bouncing breasts. Inventor Selaine Saxby noticed how the women jogging with their pets around the ring were risking tit injury, and decided to make it right by inventing a bra specifically designed to prevent show-dog handlers from chest injuries. While I can appreciate the benefit to the women, it potentially reduces the amount of boobie-bouncing on TV, which means more of my masturbation-time may be spent watching pomeranians prance around the screen. I'm still weighing the pros and cons.

Hand-Grab Boob Bra!

It looks uncomfortable, it is likely to cause a 'wardrobe malfunction', it draws a lot of attention to the tits -- and it's the most amazing invention ever. Pretend you're Janet Jackson on Rolling Stone with these hand bras.