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Gaga Tits!

Yes, people, you've heard the rumours of Lady Gaga's manliness, but those boobs are pure woman right there. Vanity Fair has Gaga nude, with a retired musician standing by to provide song if necessary. My only complaint: eat a goddam sandwich, Gaga - your ribs are fucking scary.


Blood and Semen!

Lady Gaga, everybody's favorite Jem and the Holograms villain, has come out with a signature perfume that reportedly carries the scent of blood and semen, or, in Gaga's own words, smells like Paris Hilton's career. Seriously, it's a little too close to the smell of gay sex, which might appeal to to the noses of some men, but is otherwise not the kind of thing for a gal to wear to the club. By 11pm, most bars smell like that anyway.

GaGa Makes Cameras!

As I announced a year ago, Lady Gaga is a creative director for Polaroid now. Eh, she's got ideas, that's a good thing. Now, she's actually produced a camera, much to everyone's amazement: the GL30. It looks sorta like the SX-70, and it does instant "inkless"(?) printing as well as saving digitally. Less practical but more awesome are the GL20 the GagaCamera Glasses. The GL30, looks practical and marketable; the GL20 looks cocksuckingly impractical and expensive. Who'd expect less from Gaga?

Gaga Tits Afire!

Holy crap, this is so awesome. I totally want Gracie using one of these in the bedroom. Just looking at this one picture, fuck, I came twice. Ohshi-three times, now. This is awesome wrapped in a Harley tied around a timberwolf and garnished with bratwurst: