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Sex Inventors!

Inventors find their inspiration everywhere: they see it driving down the street, at work, in the kitchen, and even while fucking -- Gizmodo has a number of patents with a sexual-pleasure focus, most of which aren't particular scary nor different than things that have actually been invented. The "put a flower in it" is probably the oddest. I know people who would love that water massager...but in the intervening century since that was invented somebody came up with massaging shower head. Hindsight is always 20-20 for inventors, including ones that invented a penis you strap to your face.


Hand-Grab Boob Bra!

It looks uncomfortable, it is likely to cause a 'wardrobe malfunction', it draws a lot of attention to the tits -- and it's the most amazing invention ever. Pretend you're Janet Jackson on Rolling Stone with these hand bras.

Wierd Sex-Related Patents

People are awfully imaginative -- how else would things like invisible walking dogs and every imaginable iPod accessory ever come into existence -- so you have to think that people would use that imagination on sex. Everybody likes sex, some people are disappointed in it, so of course people are going to put their noggins to improving things. Kasidie has a list of several of the strangest, from vagina bongs to sex-augmenting tampons. You'll quickly see why your corner sex shop doesn't have these in stock.via