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Bra Turns 100!

No parades, no retrospectives full of famous people saying how it changed their lives, no enormous marble statue in the town square, but despite the lack of folderol the bra has turned 100 years old. Patented by a New York socialite in 1914, the technology is second only to space travel and computers when it comes to the amount of technological ingenuity thrown at it. All to keep boobs happy, so thanks, bras!


Liquid Lapdance!

There really aren't a whole lot of sex toys for men, compared to the acres of dildoes you can find at the adult bookstore. There's something new for guys, now: it's called the Liquid Lapdance, and it helps you orgasm while enjoying the strip club. It's pretty much lubed rubber underpants, like scaling up a Fleshlight's liner to miniskirt size. So, you lube it up before hitting the town, then as a stripper grinds on you the lubed parts stroke the shaft, and then you walk around the rest of the night in a lube-and-sperm dreamworld. I'm sure creepy guys will find plenty of unsavory reasons to wear it in public, but I'm sure there's plenty of non-creepy reasons to wear these someplace other than a stripclub. Like, doing sit-ups in the morning -- I can improve my core, and get off at the same time. I'll never be late to work again!

Rubber Undies!

I haven't worn rubber undies since I was 2 and still wetting the bed, but then I guess I was just a fashion trendsetter. William Wilde has designed rubber latex underwear for men; no word on if it comes with a free carton of diaper rash creme. I'm sure these aren't meant for daily-wear, and more for the kind of event where nobody's underwear stays on for very long. Apparently Mr. Wilde is usually a conniseur of wrapping the female form in rubber, so I guess he's branching out into the untapped market of men who want glisteningly-smooth crotches. Is there a "Barbie's Boyfriend Ken" line?


Brief Pocket!

Ever been someplace wearing nothing but your underwear, and don't know where to put your keys? I know it's happened to me a brazillion times, and now there's a Kickstarter that is selling just that. I suppose they're good for preventing pickpockets, but I always carry too much crap in my pockets, I'll either give the wrong impression or injure myself. Any which way, this guy roadtested them, in case you're wondering how they work.

Batman Underwear!

Man, when I was a kid I totally hoped that grownups got to wear Underoos, too. I was sadly let down. Fortunately, here's the next best thing to wearing them: looking at some cute anime woman wearing nothing but comic book undies. The sale page is all in Japanese, but you can see more here.


Hot: Union Suits

You know what's really fucking hot? Women in long underwear. Take, for instance, the union suit: form-fitting, shaping and smoothing, and with an ever-handy 'doggy-style' flap in the back. Add in some cute, feminine art, and you've got the hottest thing on the internet:
And, yes, I'd fuck that mannequin in a heartbeat. Via.