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Male Prostitutes!

Isn't that the way it goes? A state or country legalizes prostutites, and women start coming from far and wide to pay for sex...wait, is that? oh, yeah, that's right -- Australian women are partaking of the male escorts in the states where prostitution has been legalized. Those who support the legalization of prostitution emphasize that making it legal and regulated gives women more control and power over their business...but when you consider that other women, with high-paying jobs and careers and disposable incomes would like to use their own control and power to actualize their sex life too, but from the other side. Considering that gay prostitutes have gone from gritty to skeevy to unthreatening, it's quite progressive that we're getting to the point where it's just all part of the business.


Male Sex Workers!

It's not often that you hear about male sex workers, let alone heterosexual sex workers, the kind hired by women to fuck. That is, other than the retarded men on Gigolos, but that should should at least give a clue that there's a market for women wanting to pay a hot man to fuck them and then leave. For a relatively honest and even-handed look at the world of male escorts, this article at the Good Men Project, which focuses on the reason women want the services of a professional fuck-buddy.