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Brazil Porn!

Not getting enough Brazil boobs just by watching the World Cup spectators on ESPN? Partake in some Videos Porno! Tanned skin, dark eyes, long legs, rolling rrrs, it's too bad The World Cup only comes around every...four years? Is that right? That seems too long to watch Brazilian babes bouncing in bikinis rooting for their favorite team. If you're looking for some true porno amadores, pursuing latina pornography is a perfectly respectable pasttime. Sure, I don't understand any Spanish or Portuguese, but, hey, the beautiful language isn't what I'm after. Just call me Rodrigo, roll those rrrs, and you'll have me wrapped around your finger.

Bieber Brothel!

Apparently, according to The Blemish, Justin Bieber was getting some hot Panamanian and Brazilian pussy at South American brothels. So fucking what, people: so, it's OK for him to fuck hot chicks as long as there's some semblance of 'dating'? Oh, but pay for something special, ooooh, how skanky? Good for you, Bieber, injecting some of your brazillions of dollars into the Brazillion economy, and a little bit of that other kind of 'injection' too. Where else are you going to find a Selena Gomez lookalike except for Brazil and Panama, aside from the less-cute half of this lesbian couple?


School For Whores!

With the 2014 World Cup getting ready to go to Brazil, the South American country is doing all it needs to in order to be prepared: improving roads, building facilities, training the hookers to speak English...wait, why would they do that? Americans don't watch the World Cup, silly! The goal is to get all the people that might have contact with foreign sports fans to speak the lingua franca of today, English. CNN, not realizing that most of the rest of the world has legalized prostitution as a valid business model, had to publish their little giggle fit over the fact that prostitutes get taught anything. No wonder Brazil is not interested if any Americans show up or not.