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Undertaker's Brothel!

Mack Moore wanted to buy some farmland in Nevada, but just happened to buy 80 acres with a brothel on one end. Suuuure, Mack, you didn't intend to give up running a funeral home to run a brothel, it just happened to you. Why can't we have all the luck? Mack has built a thriving business, largely because he improved the aesthetic of the brothel rather than just trying to squeeze every penny out of it. Good on you, Mack, taking care of business is more than just profit margins! According to Facebook the brothel closed last fall, so I don't know why the local newspaper is running stories about Mack and his ladies now -- but the article is amusing enough that it's worth reading, even if you can't give Mack your business anymore. In the meantime, there's apparently an obscure film about Angel's Ladies out there, if you want to see the goings-on yourself.


Sheri's Ranch!

Want to know where Android app developers and widget designers go to get laid during CES? It's Sheri's Ranch, but, of course, that's according to Sheri's Ranch, who has learned that social media and a web presence makes things true; they've cultivated an online presence that makes most businesses jealous, because you can't just market sex the old way anymore. Really, does anyone look at those escort postcards that are lying all over the sidewalk? Twitter is king among the employees of the brothel, although they're all quite miffed that LinkedIn doesn't approve of networking for sex with their system. Especially at CES, LinkedIn is the right place to find the kind of customers that shop for adult entertainment with their smartphone.


Bad Brothel Business!

The internet: is there anything it can't ruin? First, Craigslist destroys the newspaper; ebooks are destroying publishing; and, most heinous of all, internet porn is destroying the legal Nevada brothel business. Well, technically the economy is causing the problem, but it's much easier to blame the internet, what with its free nude photos and easy access. The story really can't get anything straight; it seems to want to talk about business, but heads off into weird moral channels, including inviting an anti-prostitution talking head with no evidence to back them up. Hey, Bloomberg: save your exploitation sob-stories for talking about the minimum wage; this is one place people are at least doing an honest job, give them some credit for riding out the economic downturn when so many other businesses couldn't cut it.

Brothel FAQ!

Everyone jokes about going to Las Vegas to get a hooker, or watch 'reality' shows about women who work in the brothels - but do you really know how it works? The Smoking Jacket has everything you need to know about how Nevada brothels work, and then some. Before you embarass yourself, read this before you book that discount Vegas flight you and the guys are always talking about.


Alien Cathouse!

As if you really needed to hire a geek prostitute, you could always go to the Alien Cathouse in Nevada. Marvel at their 1997-era graphics! Amaze at their purple blow-up dolls and heavily-tattooed sex workers! Actually, that last one sounds pretty awesome. I'm not entirely sure what the 'alien experience' is there, the website makes it look sorta like a nice, clean brothel (which is a plus, of course), but I'd like to see more 'alien' in their entertainment selections.

No Hooker Tax!

Be glad, oh patrons of the world's oldest profession: Nevada's politicians decided against a tax on prostitution, because the more tax the brothels pay, the more influence they have as a genuine business. Because, y'know, there's nothing businesslike about a transaction for services that involves an exchange of money.

Chicken Ranch: More!

As I mentioned yesterday, a writer is hanging out at the Chicken Ranch, putting up series of blog posts depicting his adventures. For now, they can be seen here, although the author hasn't tagged everything quite the same, so also check his main page -- it would have been nice if the writer created a 'tag' for just this story, so they could all be on one page without any others. My only other recommendation: if you're writing for a blog, don't be so newspapery; shorter, more trivial blog posts in between the more meaty posts act like pull-quotes or sidebars, be! cause people like that stuff. The fun of an article on hookers ordering in Subway because of a power outage holds so much more potential than his dry, facutal article.

Chicken Ranch Living!

Richard Abowitz of the LA Times is going undercover: living at the Chicken Ranch, one of Las Vegas' nearby legal brothels, in hopes of uncovering just what legalized prostitution means. This appears to be the first in a series of poorly-linked, unedited-rough-draft blog posts, because that's what the kids like to read these days, right? Hopefully it won't be hard to keep an eye on his articles; I'd like to hear what he's got to say, if it's not too buried in blog crap.