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Prescription Vibrator!

We all know how the government pays for millions of dollars in penis pumps - but want a vibrator, ladies? Too fucking bad! Well, in Georgia, at least, you can't buy a vibrator without a doctor's prescription, because you've got a vagina and not a penis, so who cares. Given that nondescript boxes aren't checked for prescriptions by the USPS, she should have success buying one online, but it's the principle of the thing. Why is the government so worried about how women are obtaining orgasms outside of proper medical counsel? Is a long, rubbery purple thing shaped like a forest animal really the kind of thing doctors are the only authority on?


Winnipeg Whores OK!

Late-breaking news, just in time for Christmas: Canada's Supreme Court has struck down their anti-prostitution laws. As I understand it, the votes were strictly divided along species lines, 8 polar bears to 11 caribou, with the penguins abstaining because penguins are not native to Canada, god damn it. But, anyhow, if you find yourself in Winnipeg, your whores are now legal, so you can avoid the troubles this guy finds himself in:

Go Topless!

You might not be pushing for full nudity, but sometimes maybe you're just feeling a little quasi-nude. It might be mostly legal in a few states, but the group is trying to spread uncovered boobs throughout the entire country. It's no half-assed group: one of their members, Phoenix Feely went on a 9-day hunger strike over being arrested for sunbathing topless. They're not messing around when it comes to uncovered nipples in public.