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Soldiers Beware!

Horny soldiers catching diseases from prostitutes was such a big deal that they had to make posters about it. You'd think that the lady lounging around with the words "VENEREAL DISEASE" on her lapel would be enough of a clue, but when you're talking about young hayseeds from the country, they're not quite that quick. She even looks so casual about it: "man, I'm bored. If only there was some guy I could infect, then I could kill some time until dinner. I wonder what G.I. Joe is doing right now..."


Bits 'n' Pieces!

A school rejected an 800 dollar donation from an adult store, on the basis that it falls into the same 'questionable' category as alcohol and tobacco companies. What I wonder: Would Barnes & Noble be rejected for their Playboys and erotica books? How about the Cable TV company that carries Pay-per-view porn? Or a lingerie store? Sad: Without the $800, the fundraiser was unsuccessful in buying the new climbing wall for the school.

Women are behind the porn cameras, and other behind-the-scenes areas, turning pornography into a woman-controlled, feminist, medium.

Time reflects on porn's place in society -- it goes into quite a bit of detail (5 'pages' online), nothing overly new or shocking, but it's a nice summary on pornography during porno chic.

The GoDaddy Superbowl Babe did naughty videos, and you can watch it at Go quasi-porn! Downside: her boobies aren't as great as you think.

UNH's Feminist Action League is quite busy -- causing trouble by excluding a man from an event & breaking rules about using the venue, and then backing the rights of a woman regarding sexual comments about her in another school paper, and finally demanding the restoration of a violence-against-women class that had been cut for funding reasons.

Sex work in New York is a dangerous thing -- thanks to uncaring police and violent johns, according to a new report by the Urban Justice Center (see full report). The reason women turn to prostitution? Making ends meet.

Earlier sexual maturity leads to STD immunity, according to a new study. Don't take it the wrong way, though: it's not earlier sexual activity -- that doesn't help. Girls who started period earlier, had higher estrogen levels earlier, were less likely to have infections despite sexual activity.

This news-story illustration is too cute, even though the article is just run-of-the-mill Have The Sex Talk info.

Bath house and sex club patrons are being sex smart, using more protection and acting more responsible, thanks to education programs. Go sex-ed!

Nancy Sinatra talks about being Frank's daughter, what boots mean to her, and how to sing 'like a 16-year-old who screwed truck drivers'.

Being too tired for sexis a major complaint for Americans, according to a poll. A third of those who don't get a good night's sleep say it affects their sex life, as opposed to 8% of good sleepers.

A frat is suspended for filming a porn, supervised by Shane's World. It's a run-of-the-mill story -- but why does the news website add, "One Chico State student died and another nearly died at two other fraternities during initiation rituals this year." In my opinion, filming porn is much better for safety and morale than hazing. Go porn!

"In the midst of a rise in gay activism and the coverage media gives it, Watchman Media launches its ""Gay Is Not Normal Campaign" in USA." The movement plans to "warn all those snared by the falsehood of homosexual happiness." This offensive message brought to you by the magic of free online press release services.