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Why Men Pay Hookers!

The linkbaity headline is "5 real and shocking reasons men hire prostitutes!" but rather than 'shocking' its refreshingly honest reasons men go to hookers for sex. The short answer: "I want something, and am willing to pay to get it," which is the origin or pure commerce that's behind pretty much every reason money exchanges hands. What's so shocking about paying good money to get what you want?


Porn Like Dildo!

Cosmo gets it: porn is like a Hitachi Magic Wand for guys. Since Sex in the City it has been chic for women to have a plastic, technologically advanced penis available for their slightest sexual whim, while the idea of a guy masturbating to porn is still seen as 'cheating'. Maturbating is fun, having sex is fun, one doesn't necessarily need to take away from the other, so let's all just relax and let the orgasms flow. Yay!


Dude Music Only!

Check your iPod, guys, and prepare with the delete key: here we have the definitive list of music no guy should have on his MP3 player. Note that it isn't just a 'chick song' thing: their target is also lame hipsters. Your so-called irony of downloading "We Built This City" by Starship is unacceptable - unacceptable! I do have a few exceptions, though: Macy Gray kicks too much ass to issue a blanket ban.

Manly Bib!

Feel like you're coming up a little short in the 'manly chest' department? Up your game with a little piece of plastic, a "manly" bib with a much musclier and hairier chest than your nerdy body actually has. Coming up next: manly underpants.

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