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Crazy Frog Penis!

Those Jamster commercials all over cable TV are really annoying....but I'm not going to talk about the validity of advertising or paying for stupid phone ringtones/screensavers/etc.

What I'm here to talk about is the "Crazy Frog," one of Jamster's favorite characters. He's in a lot of the commercials, and has one commercial devoted specifically to himself.

What I find amusing -- in a childish way -- is that Mr. Crazy Frog has genitals. They're properly placed, they wiggle as he moves, and there's nothing obscuring them. They're THERE, stuck on the front of what, in crazy Frog World, could be considered the groin. And this is on commercials and their website! Last I checked (and I don't check often), frogs of any sort don't have genitals like this. Apparently when developing into bipedal form, the Crazy genus of Frogs felt the need to show their penis off to the world. Thanks Jamster!