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The Stats Are In!

The stats are in -- Pornhub has released its 2014 Year In Review! High points: "step mom" porn is on the rise (break our your amateur video camera, make some stepmom porn, and you'll be on your way to porn stardom before you know it!), mobile porn has beaten sitting at your computer desk, Brazilian women like to watch porn, and Mondays are big days for getting off. If you're like me and are painfully aware of what bandwidth costs for hosting, 130,000 terabytes a month of porn must be fucking expensive.


Pornhub Comments!

I'm not usually one to link to pages with just random meme images on it, but what the hell, this made me laugh: PornHub comments, put out-of-context on stock photos of men at computers. Just in case you needed to visualize who these commenters are.


Pornhub Commercial!

This is what Superbowl commercials look like when made by Bizarro Crispin-Porter. Normally, to get buzz about your Superbowl commercial, you take something lame like domain name registration and add boobs, and that gets you kicked off TV. In Bizarroworld, you take a super-sexy product like porn, and tone it down with a pre-lemonparty gathering of old people...and then get kicked off TV. But, you can't blame them for trying. You can't unsexy commercials too far, otherwise they start to look like a Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial. There's no loss for Pornhub, though - it's not like there's any overlap in the audience for the NFL and the audience for pornography, is there?