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Bubble Bath Day!

Here, it's the first time I've heard of such a thing: today is Bathtub Party Day, and I didn't have anything planned. No matter: Coed Magazine has compiled a whole bunch of sexy bubble bath pics, so I can at least pretend. Most are the same photosets I've posted here. Of course, the redhead in their title picture is the one I want to see more of - and it's not included in the actual gallery. Way to go, Coed.


Tandem Boob Press!

COED magazine, conniseurs of the art of semi-nude horny photography, have identified one common move that really gets the juices flowing: The Tandem Boob Press. "Tandem Boob Press" would be an awesome name for a book publisher, but, sadly, all it is....IS THIS!

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Holy fuck, that's hot, even though there's no nipples or cunt visible. 'Sceuse me, I need to go do something in the bathroom for a couple minutes...

8 People At Home!

I normally don't like funny lists, but this one is too true. I'm not a college student any more, but I remember those days, returning home and hanging out in the usual haunts, and the people you'll meet there. OK, I don't remember doing it, but I remember that one show, I think it was a sitcom but for only one season, where all these people existed. Just imagine the shenanigans we had - I mean, the shenanigans the actors portrayed on the screen. I'm so glad somebody pointed out that, when you base your adult life on where things were in high school, you'll see humorous incongruities. Hilarious. You know what would be more awesome? "The kind of people you might end up on an island with if your pleasure cruise sinks" - you know, the supermodel, the professor, the mary'd be hilarious! Leave lists to Cracked, Coed Mag, you're reminding my why I hate these fucking lists.