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Liquor = Unsafe Sex!

Want to fuck somebody in the most reckless and dangerous way? Drink a shitload of alcohol, and you're more likely to have unsafe sex. That sort of thing might turn on a lot of people, like most of Dublin's teenagers, but for the rest of us, ladies, we'll happily fuck you without either of us having to get really drunk. We both might enjoy it a bit more, too.

Vodka Tampon: Fail!

In case you missed it, the urban legend that a vodka-soaked tampon can make a woman drunk is so totally, totally wrong. I could have told everybody that, with this quick example: let's see, men, what other mucous membranes can we try? How about, first you snort some vodka, and then we drip some in your eyes. Let's see if you stop screaming long enough for us to decide if you're drunk yet. Morons.

Wine Bottles Too Sexy!

The Cycles Gladiator wine, known for the vine-ripened grapes in the California valleys that make up their vinyards, is known for something else at the other end of the country: their nude bottle labels. The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board recently decided that the label was too "offensive or immodest", thus making it illegal to sell in their grand state. The style of this label, and others from the same winery, is of the 19th century French Impressionism, which, as it shouldn't surprise anyone, Alabama has no place for in their culture.
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Beer For Lunch And Dinner!

Dr. Malcolm Lloyd of Johns Hopkins has some amazing news: one to two drinks a day makes you live longer - and happier, I presume - than teetotallers. Now let's see my boss complain about the Natty Light in my lunchbox today! If course, he warns that health benefits careen out of control when you get much more than casual drinking (remember, 4 or 5 is considered 'binge drinking'), so the six-pack you finished off during American Idol last week isn't going to help you live to a hundred, you loser. (via)