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Porn Starlets Centered!

A new study took a look at the mental wellbeing of female pornstars and found that, not only weren't they all "damaged goods" with a history of sex abuse and mental illness, they are actually well-balanced, spiritual women with a handle on their lives. I'm sure there's some stragglers on the outer edge of the bell curve - conservative arguments love to show those as examples of the whole - but it's nice to hear that it's studied and documented, not just assumptions made. The drug use statistic is a little unpleasant, but compare to sex objects in other industries - film, music - and you're likely to find similar numbers...or so I assume - statisticians, get on it! The full study is here if you're cool enough to have journal access.

Women: Fickle!

A new study has released a freaking bombshell: Men's definition of attractiveness in women is pretty consistent, but women are far more nuanced and varying in their choice of attractiveness in males. Amazing! This, they say, has to do with women's neurotic obsession with appearance, because they're all working towards that attractive shape, while men don't care as much, because women don't agree on anything, so why try. The study has a lot of holes, because, hell, BBW women get laid too, and it runs on the assumption that women are looking for a body and not a man of action. "We asked men to identify cool cars entirely by color and fuel efficiency, and their answers were all over the place; this proves men are fickle and unpredictable in their car-shopping behavior!" Er, no, look again.

Women: Confusing Signals!

Here you go, ladies, definitive proof that you're doing it wrong - men appreciate direct pick-up lines, because you're always sending fuzzy 'positive' feedback, making it difficult for a guy to tell the difference between polite friendliness and actual interest. We're not freakin' mind readers! Note that crude humor ranks low to everybody; your pick-up line about a blowjob in the bathroom might make your friends laugh, but, er, it doesn't satisfy anybody's dreams of relationships.

Women: Suck At Erotica!

The owner of Britain's Erotic Review has shot herself in the foot by saying women are too emotional and suck at erotic writing. Wait, herself? Kate Copstick, now the owner, was once a writer for the journal, and by the transitive property thus admits she sucks. Maybe it's all a plot to eliminate a huge volume of submissions, rough-cutting a lot of crap based on an arbitrary divider, thus proving maybe she does have the chops to be a literary editor.

Slut Identifier!

The Daily Mail, source for all kinds of awesome, has published the results of a scientific study which identifies the sexiest, most self-confident women who have the best sex lives. Short answer: Bright Red Lipstick will almost always get you the best lady. Women to avoid: Peach lipstick.

Attractiveness Pressure = Bad!

Hey, The Frisky, you're fucking women up! After yesterday's comment about women trying to look sexy at work, take this grain of salt: pressure to look attractive causes a fear of rejection. I suppose, a healthy desire to look good for your own sake isn't a horrible thing, but the social expectation that a woman be attractive by general standards (toenail polish is sexy: wear it even if you can't see it!) is making women neurotic. Stop being neurotic, ladies, you're probably hot enough if you're worried about trying to be hotter.

More Bi Women!

All this talk of sexual freedom and acknowledging ones own sexual identity is causing something unbelievable to happen: more women are admitting sexual attraction to their gal pals, and acting on it. Guys, this is the time everyone's been praying for: the world is being taken over by hot lesbians that are still sexually attracted to guys. Praise god, hallelujah! No, really, it's true: fucking Oprah says so!

Maxim: Learn About Women!

Your Tango has an expert in their midst, a former editor of Maxim, who is sharing by disclosing the nine things about women that you can learn from Maxim. On one hand, it's a subtle description of the misogyny-lite that Maxim is known for - but on the other hand, I've known women that fit every fucking thing on that list at one point or another. That's why women are such a mystery; just when you think you've got them figured out, they do exactly what you don't expect them to do.

Women: Have Sex Anyway!

Women should have sex even if they don't feel like it, much as in the old days when a husband's beckoning was all that was needed for a roll in the hay. The argument is simple: back before Women's Lib and a woman's ability to admit she enjoyed sex, women still enjoyed sex during the olden days, even if she didn't initiate it when she was horny. A woman will get into it after the guy starts, the new book says, so she should just give in and let him go for it even if sex isn't the first thing on her mind. Oh, and all the bad sex that results from it? Learning curve, ladies!

Stanford Vulva Experiment!

Sexual dysfunction in women lies largely in the brain, says a new study coming out of Stanford; 40% of women lack the mental arousal despite the physical ability to do so, as observed while testing the brain and "objectively observing the gentials" while the test subject viewed women's sporting events interspersed with snippets of erotic movies - which sounds like the awesomest application of the Ludovico Technique ever. While they don't say exactly what the brain issue is, there seems to be a connection to how aware a woman is of her body's sexual arousal, which means that relaxation and release may be more important than some hormone or blood-flow issue.

Women: Sex Like Man?

My first answer is, "No, as they do not have any penises!", but the actual question posed by this article is, "can women have careless, no-strings-attached sex and still enjoy it?" It's an odd question, since it assumes that us men have careless, no-strings-attached sex and still enjoy it, which I don't exactly think is completely true, either. The article points out that having an orgasm doesn't necessarily mean you enjoyed sex, but it seems to be the assumption when it comes to men. Sexist bastards!

Hotties From American Nudist Magazine

Ah, nudist aesthetic of the human body; sure, there's a generic appreciation for the human form, but hot naked women are a significant step up from that! From a 1963 issue of American Nudist magazine -- most are pictures attributed to "Ed Lea":