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More Bi Women!

All this talk of sexual freedom and acknowledging ones own sexual identity is causing something unbelievable to happen: more women are admitting sexual attraction to their gal pals, and acting on it. Guys, this is the time everyone's been praying for: the world is being taken over by hot lesbians that are still sexually attracted to guys. Praise god, hallelujah! No, really, it's true: fucking Oprah says so!

Lesbian Onslaught!

Oprah always asks the hard questions: why are lesbians taking over? Answer: because they can. Guys - in general - aren't as sexually flexible as women, but when a woman is presented with some asshole who thinks his dick is god's gift to women (and what man doesn't think such things?) a woman is far more inclined to switch-hit when the pitcher is right. Toss in reduced risk of pregancy, a likelihood of common pasttimes, and (in the Oprah article's case) being famous enough to have your pick of attractive women, and you're in like Flynn. Plus, there's not as much of a social stigma today as in the past, when you had to tell people you were two spinster schoolmarms helping each other out, and nobody wants to pretend to be a schoolmarm, for christ's sakes. In standard Oprah-style, there's also an enormous version of the article on her website.