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Playboy, Maxim The Best!

Don't you just hate when, professional writer's ain't writing good? So does Grammarly, who actually has the word 'grammar' in their name so they must be an authority. They've reviewed a variety of magazines, and ranked the top publications what would make their English teachers proud. In the top 4 for men? Boob-friendly magazines Playboy and Maxim, that's why! There must be a certain kind of linguistic purity that comes from appreciating women's bodies all day long. I'd like to link to Grammarly, but they apparently don't put this stuff on their own site, so while they might know where to put an apostrophe, they sure suck donkey-balls at SEO. Or is it just donkeyballs? I really should go to their website and find out.


Munn Crotch!

So, this month has Boobs McGee on the cover - seems like it happens every two or three months - and I come to find out that, horrors!, you can see right through her panties! The blogosphere, of course, was OUTRAGED! because you can see a faint outline of her welcome mat through the sheer fabric. Granted, even the SI Swimsuit Issue is smart enough to know that you put the porny bits inside, but this is Maxim, not rocket surgery.

The fact that Munn's belly button was completely photoshopped out is a sign that whatever you're seeing on the cover is a graphic designer's clone tool wet dream and not any actual Munniness. But - I got my issue about a week before the outrage, and I know if I were looking at the hottest pubes G4 ever unleashed on the world, I'd have noticed. So, I go get my copy:

FUUUUUUUUUUU-Fuck you, Maxim, and the horse you fucked in on. I pay good money for photoshopped sexpots, the least you can do is give me the good edition. The pube edition is even helpfully marked down in price, so if I had known I could get cheap Olivia Munn crotch, I might have left my copy of Maxim at the dentist's waiting room (like I usually do) and bought myself the good version. Now, dammit, it's just too late.

Maxim: Learn About Women!

Your Tango has an expert in their midst, a former editor of Maxim, who is sharing by disclosing the nine things about women that you can learn from Maxim. On one hand, it's a subtle description of the misogyny-lite that Maxim is known for - but on the other hand, I've known women that fit every fucking thing on that list at one point or another. That's why women are such a mystery; just when you think you've got them figured out, they do exactly what you don't expect them to do.

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