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Porn: Doesn't Affect Sex!

A study in the Netherlands has discovered that porn doesn't make people have sex. It's almost like people have weird, wild, and kinky sex because they like it and are biologically designed to fuck. All lies: my church told me that people have to be tricked into having sex before marriage. It's so sad that facts have to get in the way of moral outrage. So, all you's out there who are worried that porn is messing you up: don't worry, you're no more messed up than porn-watchers in Amsterdam.


Missed Connection Map!

Somebody has put together some statistics porn and mapped out the most common places Craigslist "Missed Connections" happen. It should be no surprise that the Bible Belt is dominated by Wal-Mart missed connections - what else fun is there to do there, especially since, generally, you can buy both liquor and guns at them, and aside from church where else do you go? Same goes for Utah: they go to college to find a mate, anywhere else is off-limits for romantic interests. Wisconsin, of course, is 'bar', because if you've ever driven through Milwaukee or Madison, it's gas video rental place... bar... tax preparer... bar... Hey, that actually sounds alright, better than Utah anyway, and at least it's not any of these places.


Porn Chart Porn!

Someone has taken the time to chart ten thousand porn stars by a variety of statistics, and comes up with the fact that porn star women are pretty generically pretty: white, dark-haired, b-cup, 5'5". Can't complain about that. Some of the statistical data is a bit skewed: the "where pornstars are born" doesn't seem to weight based on population -- he's surprised that the west, with its very thin population density, produced very few pornstars? And, just the fact that he trusts truth from the online records - when the women's visible and quantifiable qualities are pretty close to the truth but the documented weights are a bit lower than the norm, that should be a sign, and when a porn star claims to be from LA rather than Butte Montana, it shouldn't be a surprise either. But, still, when it comes to actual movies, it becomes a bit surprising: anal is far more common in porn than reality, and female porn stars actually stick with the industry for a while before finding something else to do. Still, can't complain about some statistics porn, especially on something so easy on the eyes as real-life human porn.


YouPorn Chart Porn!

YouPorn has put together the kind of infographic that'll make a statistician cream his pants. This is the zeitgeist of YouPorn for the recent year, none of which is overly surprising. For one, the average visit is about 10 minutes -- about as long as a normal man lasts before busting a nut during sex, which makes sense. About the most interesting thing is their top six celebrity searches. Hulk Hogan, really? I think those searches actually came from Hulk himself, hoping somebody actually decided to cash in and upload a video they made getting shafted by Hulkamania. Aside from the Hulkster, I apparently need to figure out who this Sara Tommasi is, for her to be #2. The rest of the most-searched ladies are trainwrecks, but a little italian hottie might be somewhat respectable.


Porn Starlets Centered!

A new study took a look at the mental wellbeing of female pornstars and found that, not only weren't they all "damaged goods" with a history of sex abuse and mental illness, they are actually well-balanced, spiritual women with a handle on their lives. I'm sure there's some stragglers on the outer edge of the bell curve - conservative arguments love to show those as examples of the whole - but it's nice to hear that it's studied and documented, not just assumptions made. The drug use statistic is a little unpleasant, but compare to sex objects in other industries - film, music - and you're likely to find similar numbers...or so I assume - statisticians, get on it! The full study is here if you're cool enough to have journal access.

Band Sluts!

There's plenty of ways to tell if somebody is a huge slut: tattoo placement, reputation, sticking her hand down your pants without an invitation...but sometimes you need a simple way to tell. Ask her what her favorite band is, and that'll tell you a lot. At the top of the promiscumeter: Nirvana and Metallica, which probably mostly means thirty-something middle-managers who like to get her freak on after hours. I can totally roll with that, no problems here. The least slutty? Coldplay, Adele, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry, and Kings of Leon. The those middle three are easy to explain: the only people who answer them are 14 and wishing they were wild in a safe and secure way. The Coldplay and Kings of Leon fans are married and trying to make sure they show up at church a couple times a month so nobody starts to wonder. As for me, send of the Gorillaz and Daft Punk babes: they're twenty-something, they rank high on the promiscumeter, and they're probably worth talking to, too.

Temporary Lesbian Data!

Sadly, gentlemen, women aren't temporary lesbians during college, at least not as much as weak jokes in teen comedies would like you to believe. The report is from the CDC, which is full of a bunch of other tidbits. For example, 13% of women have had same-sex encounters, and women who had higher numbers of sex partners reported higher - 20%! - instances of lesbian encounters. It appears that college isn't at fault for the stereotype. Rather, it's the slutty, slutty women attending college. Glad I could sort that out for you, and the report is full of fun statistics, so go have a read.