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YouPorn Chart Porn!

YouPorn has put together the kind of infographic that'll make a statistician cream his pants. This is the zeitgeist of YouPorn for the recent year, none of which is overly surprising. For one, the average visit is about 10 minutes -- about as long as a normal man lasts before busting a nut during sex, which makes sense. About the most interesting thing is their top six celebrity searches. Hulk Hogan, really? I think those searches actually came from Hulk himself, hoping somebody actually decided to cash in and upload a video they made getting shafted by Hulkamania. Aside from the Hulkster, I apparently need to figure out who this Sara Tommasi is, for her to be #2. The rest of the most-searched ladies are trainwrecks, but a little italian hottie might be somewhat respectable.