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Blizzards With Benefits!

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, and since New York is expecting three feet of snow, let Craigslist find you somebody to fuck until the travel ban is lifted! I know, the lyrics don't work well, but finding a snowbunny with benefits in New York seems to be working. Lonely hearts in the big Apple are looking for lovers via Craigslist to have some fun-time during the weather emergency; whether they're successful, I don't know, but you gotta credit people for having their mind in the right place, rather than buying twelve loaves of bread to tide them over for a two-day vacation.


Vagina Couches!

How hard is it to get rid of a couch that looks like an engorged vulva? Pretty damn hard, it seems. Five days ago, someone posted on the Portland Craigslist that she was selling the vagina loveseat she had made in art school, asking $600. Googling "vagina couch" as I often do, I ran across a listing from 2008 where a woman named Willow was trying to sell the exact same couch in Mendocinco California. Looks like it's tough to sell a vagina couch these days -- not only did Willow fail to find a buyer five years ago, she packed it up and moved it ten hours to the north, where it has been languishing in an unloved corner of her apartment since, probably getting covered in cat fur and old grocery bags and that windbreaker she can't find because it's all shoved down in the folds and is covered in cat hair and grocery bags. At least it wasn't a $20K vagina couch, you're really looking for a specialized buyer there. In Portland, there must be at least twenty people in the sexually-themed furniture market at the under-$1,000 pricetag.


Missed Connection Map!

Somebody has put together some statistics porn and mapped out the most common places Craigslist "Missed Connections" happen. It should be no surprise that the Bible Belt is dominated by Wal-Mart missed connections - what else fun is there to do there, especially since, generally, you can buy both liquor and guns at them, and aside from church where else do you go? Same goes for Utah: they go to college to find a mate, anywhere else is off-limits for romantic interests. Wisconsin, of course, is 'bar', because if you've ever driven through Milwaukee or Madison, it's gas video rental place... bar... tax preparer... bar... Hey, that actually sounds alright, better than Utah anyway, and at least it's not any of these places.



Now that Craigslist has bowed to pressure to remove / alter their "adult services" categories, a new market has opened up: Stagslist hopes to fill that void, continuing to promote the spread of self-loathing and gonorrhea between strangers now that Craigslist has lost their foothold in the genre. According to their press release, as seen on SexSF, they're more disappointed with Craigslist's changes than coming up with anything new, but, well, as long as they make it easy and cheap, it's going to get used a lot. As of noon today, their site still said, "official launch this Thursday, July 9th", which is now.

Craigslist: More Hookers!

Craig's List, who had previously said they'd cut down on prostitution ads, still holds the title "single largest source of prostitution". In Chicago, at least, according to a Cook County sheriff, who has noticed, first-hand, that the place to go to find a hooker is Craigslist. Looks like "your mom" is falling further as the correct answer to the question: "where do I find a hooker?", but Craigslist is nowhere near as funny.