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Black Lace and White Silk

It's nice to see some lingerie in porn these days; too many are quick to get it off (in more ways than one). Beautiful Simi here takes her time, giving her lacy bra and panties the respect they deserve; the slow reveal of her weighty breasts is worth the wait.

Amanda, Dark and Sultry

I'm not sure what happened -- maybe she was skinny-dipping, maybe taking part in some late-night nude running through the sprinklers at the gold course, maybe she just finished her shower and is slipping into my bed...any which way, the lights are low, Amanda's skin is glistening wet, and she's ready to get a little more steamy:

Hotties From American Nudist Magazine

Ah, nudist aesthetic of the human body; sure, there's a generic appreciation for the human form, but hot naked women are a significant step up from that! From a 1963 issue of American Nudist magazine -- most are pictures attributed to "Ed Lea":

Fly The Friendly Skies

You spend all day at thirty thousand feet, sitting backwards in the plane, jumping whenever anyone pushes that dumb need some time to unwind, relax, get your g-spot tickled by a fellow stewardess, just the usual. I'd say the bright red underwear is probably the wrong choice with a white shirt...but who am I to complain?

Irina's Intimate Moment

I love long, curly hair, like this lovely lady has in spades. Plenty to grab a handful of, or feel on my face, draping down while she rides me like a good stallion should be ridden:

Monkey Mag's "Real or Fake" Quiz

Think you can tell 'em apart? I consider myself a bit of a conniseur of the breast, but I had a bit of trouble; I only got 17 out of 30 right in this test. Either I can't tell a real tit if it hit me in the face, or fakes are getting really good. I must admit, I've never encountered a fake breast in the wild, not one that I could actually examine...if there are any volunteers, please let me know the easiest way for me to get a "hold" of you.via

Big Tits And The Job Market

When you've got huge smokin' tits, you're wise to use them to your benefit, right? Wave 'em in a cop's face will get you out a speeding ticket, you never have to buy yourself a drink, and there's plenty of "customer service" jobs which pay nicely for your personal assets. The young lady below is an employee of "Smokin' Em Charters," a boating company that provides plenty of eye-candy for their customers. Problem is, she augments her real job by teaching gradeschool on the side. For some reason, parents don't like the idea of an attractive woman teaching their kids...the idiots.If she's teaching something that's not in the textbook, then there's a problem -- who gives a rat's ass where she bounces her boobies? Oh, the kids are "learning" things from her that shouldn't be taught in school. Let's take all the Christians out of the teaching profession; their off-duty activities are against my moral fiber...oh, wait, that isn't going to fly with the moral influencers, is it?Oh, and if you want 12 other nicely-posed views of this hottie's tits, the news article slideshow is more than happy to give you a good look.

Nikky, Waiting For You

Would you leave this beautiful gal just hanging out, all naked and hot, in your living room? I think not -- she looks like she could use some company. That low, flat bench wouldn't be just for sitting; it looks comfy for any number of Nikky-related uses:

Iveta And The Looking Glass

Iveta gazes into her looking glass, waiting for a guy like me. Unfortunately, on this side of the mirror I'm a mad hatter , so I suppose the CR/LF on the Wonderland side of the mirror is charming, handsome, and rich. Ah, I can dream about my own fantasy wonderland, too, you know...

Red and Black

This sweet little gal has a few touches of red: her ruby lips, the flower over her ear, the strands of her hair...the rest is covered in black, but she slowly takes that off in order to give you a taste of a little pink.

Christina Ricci Is Hot. Duh.

Do you doubt it? Christina Ricci is hot as hell. She's got that 'crazy chick' look to her, without actually being a crazy chick, which gives her a Double Yahtzee score when it comes to hotness. Go see more of her here.

Two Babes Posting Topless

Now, those are some nice tits, and the video is nice and long -- take it all in, get a nice long look at these hot chicks:(via)

Red Headed And Cute

There are only so many pictures I can look at before the 'sexy come-hither' look starts to seem hostile and violent; maybe I should talk to a psychologist about that. Thankfully, there's sweet gals like this redhead, who is outright cheerful that she's getting oggled by guys like me.

Iwase Yoshiyuki's Nudes

Iwase Yoshiyuki started his photography career in 1920s Japan, photographing the workers who caught dinner from the sea, particularly the female sea-divers who were paid significantly to swim in frigid water to harvest seafood. And, as you might quickly notice, they worked topless quite a bit of the time. His photography isn't purely documentary; he produces art, whether documenting the women's days, or posting women for artistic nude photography. They're very reminiscent of the style of NUS and The Body Beautiful.(via)

Dress-shirt and Lacy Panties

As you may know, I loves me gals in men's dress-clothes. Kelly-Dee relaxes, pants-free and tie loosened, showing off her cute lacy panties. She may be home from a long day at work, and just wants to sit on the couch with you, watch some TV, get a back rub...and a little bit of friendly rubbing that benefits both parties.

Laura Ramsey, Interview Magazine

The April '08 issue of Interview Magazine has an interview with Laura Ramsey, B-movie eye candy, about her new film, The Ruins. She hasn't had a problem getting naked for the camera (for the artistic integrity of the film only, I'm sure), and here she bares it all for the Interview photo shoot. No money-shots, but well worth a gander:

Erotic Falconry

OK, falconry is awesome to begin with. Of all the rennaisance faire dudes, the guy walking around with the falcon is the baddest-ass dude in a codpiece. What could be more awesome than plain old falconry? Erotic falconry, of course. You take the badassedness of a highly-trained bird -- whose skills includes both flying and killing and it applies both to its career -- and then add nudity. You don't fuck with a hot chick with a flying killing machine on her wrist. It's right up there with pulling off the lone ranger's mask -- if she's willing, you're in; if you're not, you better start shopping for an eyepatch.

Topless by the Door

Maybe she's waiting to surprise the mailman; sitting next to an open door is asking to be seen by somebody...but that may just be what this young lady wants.

Lindsay Lohan's Marilyn Monroe Tribute

Who's copying Marilyn Monroe now? It's Lindsay Lohan, nearly unrecognizable, copying the poses in Marilyn Monroe's notorious Last Sitting. Lohan has seemed to be on the same track as Monroe, what with the notoriety for fast living than her talent -- and, as we see below, her tits:Not that we haven't gotten glimpses of the Lohan girls before...

I Pledge Allegiance

I'm torn when it comes to this website: sure, there's a huge amount of patriotic tits there, but the huge amount of tinfoil-hat crazy makes me a little uncomfortable. So, if you do decide to visit that link, you'll to better just to look at the pictures. Trust me, your sanity will thank you.
My flagpole is at full mast -- these three can salute it the best way they know how!

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