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Dr. Kennedy Summers!

Kennedy Summers is just doing adult photos to pay her way to college...well, more than that: she's on her way to being a Doctor, and being Playmate of the Year 2014 might pay for a book or two. The link I put below is two non-porn-stars commenting on what they think about an adult model being a doctor and whether people will take her seriously. First: this isn't like becoming a Fox News commentator; becoming a doctor requires a fuckton of studying and passing tests, if she does the work and becomes a doctor, who cares what she did in college? It's not like being a talking head on TV, giving innane canned responses to dumb questions - that clearly takes no training at all.


Kinky College Grads!

Uneducated people might get laid more, but college grads are far more creative about it. The study comes from Lovehoney, a sex toy proprietor, so there's a bit of self-selection in the kind of people who respond to such studies, but it sounds factual to me. I mean, when you're in college, who has time for so many sex partners? What with all the studying and classes and trying to work to pay the bills, you need to get innovative with how you use your lovemaking time. It's not a difference in IQ, it's about efficiency.

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Harvard Kink Club!

Harvard, the place conservatives say creates antichrists, is doing one better for the student body: the school has approved a kink club, which gives the club the same rights as any on-campus organization, such as the ability to organize pep rallies and have a float in the homecoming parade. I don't know, I didn't go to a big fancy college like Harvard. Anyways, they admit that BDSM is a big component, but any sort of kink is welcome, so expect two semesters before the whole place is full of Bronies. It's bound to happen. But good for you, Harvard, for admitting that the adults inside your hallowed ivory tower like fucking in all sorts of crazy ways. Kudos to you.