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More Men, More Sex!

Here's the clues to a better sex life, ladies: be around more men. No, it's not that there's cheating going on, or that spontaneous gangbangs appear more often in your life. It's the unsexy term "sperm competition", a gladiatorial spectacle known, it's that when men perceive they're one of many potential mates, they're more interested in having sex with you. Potential is the key here: the woman doesn't need to do anything, except happily enjoy more sex due to the neanderthal brain of her partner who wants to get in there before anyone else does.


Kinky College Grads!

Uneducated people might get laid more, but college grads are far more creative about it. The study comes from Lovehoney, a sex toy proprietor, so there's a bit of self-selection in the kind of people who respond to such studies, but it sounds factual to me. I mean, when you're in college, who has time for so many sex partners? What with all the studying and classes and trying to work to pay the bills, you need to get innovative with how you use your lovemaking time. It's not a difference in IQ, it's about efficiency.

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Sex Facts!

WebMD: is there anything you don't know? They have all sorts of statistics on just how naughty we all really are. Understatement: Women's sexual inclinations are more complicated than men's. Interesting knowledge: 2/3 of men masturbate, while 2/5 of women do (women do less of it, men more guilty about it). Duh: Women experience orgasms differently than men..