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Pirelli 2015!

The big news about the 2015 Pirelli calendar is the size 16 model for Miss April, but I can't not post the bubble bath babe. The 2015 Pirelli calendar steps away from the artsy black-and-white photos and goes full-on 1960s Playboy style, which is totally OK in my book.


2012 Pirelli Calendar!

I know everybody's excited, after last year's edition, but there's no time to waste now: the new Pirelli Calendar is coming out! The theme is 'women in nature', and was photographed by Mario Sorrenti, the lucky bastard.

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Pirelli Boobs

Kael Lagerfeld's talents have been put to good use on the most naughty of promotional productions, the Pirelli tire company's catalog. The theme is mythology, and I guess that pretty much involves making women take their clothes off in front of a black background and photographing them. Oh, well, who am I to complain?

There's a making-of video here.