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Steampunk Pasties!

Organic Armor makes a variety of cosplay and costume armor, particularly steampunky adornment, but what if you're, say, travelling on an airline and can't afford to pack your entire suit of armor? Why, bring your brass steampunk pasties! It provides the best of both worlds: armor that allows the greatest range of motion, while protecting your most important assets - your nipples. Just be careful, though: while normal silk and tassels might cause a few minutes of eye irritation when a burlesque admirer gets too close, brass pasties are liable to put an eye out. Also, beware of men with powerful magnets.


Date A Stripper!

As if it wasn't fucking obvious enough, DJ Mick wants y'all to date strippers. Whoever wrote this is kind of a dick, since they promote all the "Daddy Issues" and "Stripper = Crazy" bullshit, because the purpose of finding a girlfriend is to avoid all that. Crazy chicks with daddy issues do not inherently equal good sex and are found everywhere, so use your smarts when looking for a date. Find a stripper who's cool and then you get the best of both worlds. Then, her real boyfriend will probably kick your tit-obsessed ass to the curb, but, hey, at least you tried.

In The News!

A pregnant woman was told that she was fired because the porn store was losing money, but then her job was posted in the want-ads. Oops -- doesn't the store realize men find pregant women sexy, too? If sexshops are worried about employees turning off customers, then they should stop hiring ugly people.

Workers in Scotland are more likely to have workplace affairs -- it's gotta be the accent.

Pin-Up Tributes has loads and loads of vintage babes -- not a lot of pictures, but maybe enough to help you figure out who the cutie in that one mag is.

Now that explicit sex isn't so distant as it was before Kinsey and porn chic, is sex getting boring? Guardian writer Natasha Walter's point is that explicit sex in art & the media isn't nearly as shocking as it once was; she ends with, When everything has been said and everything has been shown, being explicit is simply too easy; being sexy is the difficult thing.

What's a porn king look like? Here you go. I'd think he'd wear a crown, or carry a sceptre or something....

Show-Me State Wants a Little Less to Show by passing laws restricting strippers and exotic dancers in their work...what, Missouri has nothing else to worry about than strippers? How about cleaning up St Louis for a start, eh?

Rebellious women in the UK are striking back against their parent's women's lib generation -- by yearing for the 1950s housewife lifestyle.