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Steampunk Pasties!

Organic Armor makes a variety of cosplay and costume armor, particularly steampunky adornment, but what if you're, say, travelling on an airline and can't afford to pack your entire suit of armor? Why, bring your brass steampunk pasties! It provides the best of both worlds: armor that allows the greatest range of motion, while protecting your most important assets - your nipples. Just be careful, though: while normal silk and tassels might cause a few minutes of eye irritation when a burlesque admirer gets too close, brass pasties are liable to put an eye out. Also, beware of men with powerful magnets.


Fuck Yeah Obama!

Here's to all of you who voted for Obama yesterday! Granted, he's not as far Left as this country needs, but he's a hell of a lot better than the alternative. It extends down to Congress, too, getting things back on track. Since Obama's election we've had four years of increases in economic growth, home prices, unemployment has dropped, and things have been moving in the right direction. Nothing has been more maddening than the amount of "America Sucks!" that has been filling the campaign ads. If you've been in Congress over recent years, take credit for the successes, stop saying you and your fellow incumbents have been fucking it up.

By the way: BOOBS!


Boob Stickers!

Apparently, somebody decided that, as long as the areola was covered, that was enough boob blockage. That person was made the god of mankind everywhere. Coed magazine, fan of everything boob-but-not-quite-porn, spent weeks compiling over a hundred pictures of women with boob stickers covering their nipples. Enjoy.