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Soapy Pics!

Kids pledging virginity tend to participate in oral and anal sex instead, and abstinence-only sex ed doesn't work. Here's a big 'DUH' for the world at large, thanks. Ultimately, "sex ed itself is not a factor in determining teen sexuality," according to a researcher, so please, please teach the kids something worthwhile, Mr. and Mrs Education System! They also make a nice comment on the whole substance of 'teen pregnancy': "[T]he entire concern about teen pregnancy is in response to the older ages that people are getting married today compared to previous years." I think a lot of this goes to show that there's not much new in the way sex goes on -- but perceptions have a great deal to do with how we react. What Sex Ed comes down to is an attempt to control and direct the sex that's been going on forever-and-a-day...redirecting that river is a big job and Mother Nature generally doesn't care what people try to do, but we can build some levees, smooth out the rapids, and do our best to control the dangerous parts.

Anyways, here's some....

Obligatory Soapy Pics!

Here's a site with a high-quality video of a lovely lady in the bath. Don't bother clicking the images on the right -- they don't go to larger versions.

Two very-young-looking women frolick in a soapy tub, play with a toy...not particularly lesbian, but playful.

Teen Jasmin gets very sudsy, poses seductively, and that's about it for 12 photos.

Sweet Dominique does about the same thing, but for 14 photos, but with panties on.

Karen's photos in the tub seem to be all over Usenet alt.binaries groups, and here's a site using them. She doesn't look like a porn star, and that's what I like about her.

This woman, however, looks everything like a porn star, gets soapy, and fondles a toy.

Trixie teen bathes in the average 'cheap apartment' tub, gets soapy, and poses while standing.

I'd say Chloe 18 sounds like she's right out of Logan's Run, but then I'd show off what a geek I am. Anyways, this site has some good clothed and unclothed bathingness -- and the large views are HUGE, they look like they're right off the digital camera.

Audrey's not exactly the cutest model, but she's refreshingly non-model-like. Piercings, cute little pigtails...oh, and she gets soapy. Duh.

Hennessie ethnic, maybe India or Arabic, but she's cute enough; a little on the thin side, but she's in the bath, and that makes me boing.

Finally, we return with some...

Non-porn soapy pics!

I think some may be repeats, but who's upset with seeing them again?

Bubbly beauty in a stock photo that's for sale

A bathing woman in a hydromassage ad

A very seductive pic from a Korean website

She looks like a office assistant, or friend of the marketing director tricked into posing in the bath, and that's what's so cute about it.