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Too Much Sex!

You guys out there complaining about not gettin' enough sex -- careful what you wish for. Over the past five days I've had sex at least once a's exhausting. Am I getting old? It's not like I can't 'get it up' -- it's all the heaving and thrusting and panting and lifting and fondling. It takes a lot of energy; it's no wonder it burns calories, but it makes me wonder if I'm really so out of shape.

Oh, I'm not gonna say 'no' -- do you think I'm crazy?! If I want to build stamina, I gotta immerse myself into things. I'm no quitter!
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This article comments on the fact that menstruation porn seems rare -- but it really delves into kink & fetish in general in order to explain why period porn and plain 'ol scat aren't the same deal. The article was written in 1998, early in this 'internet' thing, so porn-on-the-rag might not be as rare as it was inaccessible at that time -- a GIS for "menstruation porn" produces a couple sites...but not nearly as many as a lot of other fetishes.

For those of you coming through from EroticStories, keep your eyes on Tit-Elation.Com. I'm editing there, and doing some's scheduled to launch by the end of the month.