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Stuff In The News!

A blow-up sex doll activates in the mail -- causing a bomb scare. The mailer said he's returning the doll because "it kept turning itself on at the wrong moment."

A survey by says people often fantasize about exes, co-workers, and celebrities WHILE having sex with their partner. Only 57% actually think about their partner; celebrities came in at the lowest, while exes were the top non-partner. Ex-partners!

UK distilleries are to be barred from making advertisments suggesting that alcohol can get you laid -- what, the only good part of getting drunk can't be a selling point?

British Telcom has put child-porn blockers on their networks and are shocked -- shocked -- by the number of perverts hitting the firewall. "The exact number of people trying to look at the sites is unclear because some may be making repeated attempts."

What do you get when you mix nudes, body paint, and the zodiac into one thing? You get the Nude BodyPaint Zodiac!