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News Of Today!

Now that I've figured out the handy "Bits 'n Pieces" part of my blog I'm posting a lot more, but not anything of substance. I could go back to reviewing Spam emails, but that's a lot of work, and they're all the same. I could talk about getting laid, but that's more interesting for the participants. I don't have any Obligatory Soapy Pics right now, so there's nothing to add in that case. What should I talk about? I need a good topic, something to write a couple hundred words about each week. *think think think*

Tit-Elation is almost up and running -- there's not a lot of content there yet, other than stuff I uploaded turning site testing. If you write erotica, sign up as a submitter (it's free, regular writers get paid) and submit your writing. Getting in on the ground floor is a good idea. Gracie's also planning on expanding into book publishing, so if you've got a novel/novellete sized story, she might be interested in talking to you.

You've heard about cockfights...MegaStar brings you Nipple Wars. If only they can turn this into a screen saver... MegaStar's Babe section isn't too bad either.

Remember these? Lewd postcards featuring embattled husbands and chubby ladies. Ah, times were simpler back then.

At the end of this links page there's a video of Bathtub Girl at Lars' Barbeque. Who knew? She was a real person!

SpicePlay isn't recommended for any particular reason: I post it as an example of an odd genre of adult websites. It's got the regular features of an online community, but it's designed around having sexy, naked girls getting people to spend money. Sites like this really blur the lines of what's real life and what's fantasy pornography...but, many other "real media" sites blur the line by adding paid personals, sex tips & sexually-charged stories, and discussion areas. Identifying which is which will become more troublesome - if you think it's trouble at all.