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Brothel Sponsors Soccer!

With Greece's cash-strapped, well, everything, it's tough to find somebody to sponsor your sporting events. When you need money, you go looking for the people who have a positive money flow, and that path led one Greek soccer team to the doorstep of their local brothel. The gals of Villa Erotica ponied up and bought pink uniforms, emblazoned with their logo, to dress up their newly acquired players. No word yet on whether or not this has improved team morale, but if the players seem depressed or stressed out in any way, I'm sure the team sponsor can help them out in that regard.


Bits 'n' Pieces!

A school-board member & lawyer is arrested for prostitution -- but here's the kicker: it's a man, who had requested sexual favors as payment for legal services. Now there's an interesting application of anti-prostitution laws. It has a bit more 'sting' than run-of-the-mill extortion.

A public-education film on Dutch culture has been edited for being too obscene -- it included bits on "gay marriages, topless beaches, women's rights and drugs." The concern was that posessing the video, intended to help immigrants acclimate to Dutch culture, would break strict Islamic obscenity laws.

Talk to your parents about sex, lest they be too naiive to know what to do when the topic is forced upon them -- according to Jess Beaton of Johns Hopkins U. and CosmoGirl

A modern Bible for girls including sex talk is producing outrage amongst religious-folk -- but in checking the actual website for the bible, I'll bet those opposed to religiously-opressed sex-ed will be outraged, too. Does mixing sex & religion ever work?

In other news, hiring a prostitute is legal in North Dakota. This and the South Dakota law were both prompted by attempted "sting" operations where people were arrested for immoral things that weren't illegal. Goes to show conservative morality is struggling to punish people for doing that aren't illegal...yet. North Dakota is reviewing a new bill to fix this 'problem' so they can bring charges against someone soliciting a prostitute in the future.

MSNBC safely and cutely talks about amateur porn. It's mostly a fluff piece, nothing new to the reader, but it's still worth a scan. I like that he has to define "MILF" for the uneducated readers.

You've only got fifteen months left for an erotic massage in South Dakota. Old laws said penetration was required, but all that changes July 2006. Happily, several other neighboring states still stick by the 'penetration' rule.

A gay nudist cruise was barred from deboarding at St Kitts, because the port didn't approve of the lifestyle. The captain said he's "captained gay cruises before and I've never encountered anything like this." Admittedly, it must take a LOT to surprise a captain of gay nude cruises.

There's a new economy of sex workers growing in the UK: unionized, professional, and considered an acceptible profession by law enforcement and locals alike.

Some where in Denmark is a porno-based reality show - but I can't find any english-language stories. Damn my Swedish heritage! Here, Have another link, apparently to the official site -- and another news story.

Sexual frustration -- what's a person to do? I don't need the help, but some of you might find it useful.