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Erotic Thoughts For Women!

Want to have more orgasms, ladies? This study says that women who are able to be more aware of their body, and have more erotic thoughts during sexual stimulation, have more orgasms. Most women, they say, are able to focus those erotic thoughts during masturbation, but those that fail to do the same during sex end up with more difficulty reaching orgasm. Those that are successful all around experience far more "erotological behaviors", which sounds far more clinical than "fantasizing about boning". So, loosen up, ladies: focus, fantasize, and go with the flow, and the orgasms will come naturally!


Faking It!

Don't worry, women, faking it is just fine: according to a new study, faking orgasms is all part of the fun. It can improve the sex experience for both partners. The process is measured by the Faking Orgasm Scale, because if there's anything that needs to be quantitated and analyzed, it's an orgasm...or at least the features of pretending to orgasm. See, now they're just making it more complicated, and who can orgasm like that?


National Orgasm Day!

It has been five years since I last noticed, since it's not honored on most mall kiosk calendars, but today is National Orgasm Day! Not that it's a big deal: I prefer to think that every day is orgasm day in my pants. However, the Glamour article linked above seems to think it's mostly about women masturbating, without help from men. What fun is that? Doesn't sound like much of a celebration; sounds like somebody didn't plan to have a date to the National Orgasm Day parade and potluck, that's what I think.

Source of the photo is about a woman for whom every day is Orgasm Day.

Reading Orgasm!

Similar to this - if you ever wanted to see what it was like to watch a woman struggle to do something intellectual while bring brought to orgasm, here's your chance: Clayton Cubitt has filmed sexy women trying to read a book out loud while sitting on a vibrator. Too bad they don't get very far; Clockwork Orange is one of my favorites.


15-Minute Orgasm!

Hey, guys! Some guy who just wrote a book gave a woman a 15-minute orgasm, and Cosmo's certain that it'll work for every woman in the whole world. Now, sure, there's millenia of sexual experience in humans, and an enormous amount of research, both individual and institutional, into what causes or impedes a woman's orgasm and nobody has come up with the solution - but this guy finally figured it out. President Obama should give this guy a fucking medal for it, and then get the guy working on clean coal and world peace. (psst - don't anybody tell him about the Hitachi, he'll feel inadequate.)

Male Orgasm!

I've been asked this more than once, and YourTango thinks they have the answer: What does a male orgasm feel like? I think they've got it mostly right, although the words they use are a bit much. Mine start out kinda like "uhhhmmmmm" and then go towards "huhhuhhuhhuh", and finally end up with "WUGGGGNNNNNMMMM!". If too many of those steps get skipped, it's just "uhhMMMNoh, sorry..."

Orgasm: Why Bother?

Does an orgasm really live up to the expectation? Not really, says Fox News, who, from watching the few minutes of that channel that I can stand before my eyes roll back in my head and I choke on my tongue, few of their anchors have ever really had one: that's why they get so orgasmic over terrorism and the failure of democracy. Oh, no, the Fox "Sexpert" doesn't say to never have them, but she wants you to realize that laughing is just as good. And being really, really excited. Or something. Ultimately, she's trying to say that "we serve ourselves well in approaching every positive experience as potentially orgasmic," so, there you go, humanity: everything is orgasmic. I may have to invest in some adult diapers: a day that orgasmic is going to leave my jeans a sticky mess in a short amount of time. Believe me, I know from experience.

Female Orgasm Blog!

Finally, after all these years of hiding from men being so elusive, the female orgasm has a blog of its own. The Male Orgasm tried to have a blog of its own, started out big with MySpace and all those flashy bells-and-whistles, but it ended up with just a Twitter account. This blog is run by some guy calling himself Harry Mete (just say it out loud, won't you?), who knows how to give orgasms, but little understanding on the use of fonts and colors in marketing his amazing orgasm-inducing system that advertises itself to cause sex addicts. For limited time only, not only do you get the G-Spot, but - for only additional handling cost - we'll include the A-Spot and C-Spot absolutely free! (via)


U.S. News and World Reports is the ideal source for sex advice, at least amongst most celibate accountants I know (of which there are many), but they did the right thing and got Dr Ruth to pull together five points on how to improve sex lives. In short, Cosmo sucks, orgasms are fleeting, you're responsible for having fun, wine is better than beer, and the afterglow is worth it. And not one reference to international think-tanks or armed insurgents.