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Breast Squeeze Charity!

See, I never find out about this stuff until after it happens. It seems that, over in Japan, last weekend you could donate money to a charity and then touch some boobs. The last time I went down to the Lions Club Pancake Breakfast they kicked my ass out for touching breasts, so charities must work differently in Japan. However, part of the festivities last weekend were a "masturbation marathon", so, in a sense, I did participate.

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Tantric Breast Massage!

My article on breast massage had no underlying philosophy other than "fuck her eventually", but Tantra has some deep concepts to address while squeezing and caressing those tits before you get to fuck her. Tantra Ecstasy has instructions on how to perform a tantric breast massage, so that you can have a religious excuse for playing with her breasts for half an hour. (via)

Happy Spa Ending!

I haven't experienced such things, but it's nice some scientists are willing to take the plunge: a researcher from the Nerve think-tank describes going to a spa which offers "happy endings", which sounds far more pleasant than anyone could have explained; just the ambiance sounds like a fun time, without the extracurricular activities. If only the writer had read an article like this before going, he'd have been far less nervous. Still, it's a sample of one, and I'd probably end up at a creepy massage parlor, run by people of indeterminate gender and lack of running water.

No Menu: Woot!

Pro-tip: When attending a massage parlor, look for a price guide - if they don't advertise rates and things are negotiable with the masseur, you might be in a den of prostitution. One such establishment, unfortunately, has run afoul of the authorities by performing massages without a license, presumably because hand-jobs aren't the usual licensed-masseur fare. Also of note: The spa also has a dungeon. Palm beach sounds fucking awesome. The massage parlors around here just have aromatherapy foot baths in the basement. Believe me, I checked.

Topless Massage In London

The best I can date this is around 1977 to 1978, after the release of "Come Play With Me" but before the star's death -- however, the biggest attraction in London for pervs like me wasn't the movie: the UK magazine New Action MS had these ads for "topless massage," assumedly with a happy ending (so to speak). The ads are quite detailed and explicit, as opposed to the entendre-laden all-text personal ads that advertise naughty massage today. Nicole Sauna is the only one still partaking in toplessness, now called Rio's, and New Park Sauna gave up the toplessness to became the Manor Park Sauna; the rest have closed and moved on.