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Coolsex Back Up!

Ah -- the Coolsex people are quick! After I posted about the product, I emailed Coolsex about the bad product demo link, and they sent me a proper URL. Wanna see how this works? Go watch the video, be amused at the vector-graphic masturbation images, but learn exactly what Coolsex is for.

Coolsex 404!

I'm sad. The Coolsex promo video is 404'ed -- but I think I get the core of it. From what I can gather, Coolsex is a masturbatory aid -- step #2 in it's use is search porno on google. I'll even overlook the euro-engrish: "Advises to keep a healthy position while you practice sex via internet". My gal says I'm not allowed to touch myself like this anymore (it's not like I go more than a day or two without a fuck, so no big deal), but she's always a fan of product testing - the Europeans always get the cool new stuff, I think we Americans need a taste!