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Fuck Chair!

Well, fuck - after yesterday's vibe bike, I joked about having a orgasm-inducing chair, and then I found this god damned thing. It's called a Diletto, and looks like one of those dumbass ergonomic 70s chairs but instead of causing back pain it fucks you while you rock back and forth. Talk about multitasking while at your desk.

Coolsex Back Up!

Ah -- the Coolsex people are quick! After I posted about the product, I emailed Coolsex about the bad product demo link, and they sent me a proper URL. Wanna see how this works? Go watch the video, be amused at the vector-graphic masturbation images, but learn exactly what Coolsex is for.

Coolsex 404!

I'm sad. The Coolsex promo video is 404'ed -- but I think I get the core of it. From what I can gather, Coolsex is a masturbatory aid -- step #2 in it's use is search porno on google. I'll even overlook the euro-engrish: "Advises to keep a healthy position while you practice sex via internet". My gal says I'm not allowed to touch myself like this anymore (it's not like I go more than a day or two without a fuck, so no big deal), but she's always a fan of product testing - the Europeans always get the cool new stuff, I think we Americans need a taste!