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Crain and Kittygirl Return!

At long last, Crain and his Kittygirl are back in Episode 3: Die Kittygirl Die! (Free registration required, but not insecure or harmful). There's a little more violence in this one, more "Spy vs. Spy," which gives this a bit less erotica feel even though there's still plenty of fucking. If you missed the first parts, they're available with FanClub EroticStories registration, or I have them posted here as well.

Wedding Day!

Hey, kids! I had a bit of a dry spell, what with the holiday season, but my writing bug is creeping back now. New story: "Not until their wedding day" -- young lovers are told to be celibate up to their wedding day. Can they do it? EroticStories requires free registration, but they don't sell info or any other naughty activities.


Another new story: Marlys Isn't a Loser Anymore. After 20 years, Jeremy runs into Marlys, the girl who had a big crush on him in school. She was too clumsy, too friendly, too weird, and too obsessive for him back then, but he sees her in a different light now! As always with EroticStories, registration is required but has no drawbacks (no spam, no selling of info, just erotica.)

Translator And Tradefair!

I've got a new story published on EroticStories! The Translator and the Tradefair (free registration req.) It's not exactly a threesome, but Ray still gets both girls in the story. It's a pretty traditional storyline, and I think I'm losing a little creativity in my sex-scenes. Maybe it's time to buy a few new books on the subject. The Joy of Sex isn't quite cutting it anymore.