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The Pro-Ject Genie

produces this entry in the Pro-Ject line of audio equipment: The Genie 2. It's what it looks like what you'd have if you trimmed everything off a record player except for the basic necessary things to get sound off the vinyl. Then, they used the highest quality parts for those remaining pieces. The high-torque motor is decoupled from the turntable's base, it uses a high-quality (but relatively low-cost) Ortofon OM 3E, and the tonearm, bearings, and platter are all finely tuned and balanced. It's high-end audio with a middling pricepoint.

Skin Tight

Next in our history of boner-pleasing, cock-teasing album covers comes this selection from Marty Gold called Skin Tight -- the drums, of course, are the reference intended, right? A naked, hot brunette with a tight ass would have nothing to do with the 'skin' in the title, of course.I will say, however, out of all the sexy album covers I've done so far (aside from Whipped Cream and Other Delights, which is the greatest album ever), Skin Tight is actually a kick ass album; I recommend it if you find a copy.And, of course, if you happen across a copy, you can excuse yourself by emphasizing how good the music is -- sure, it's the equivalent of saying you buy Playboy for the articles, but, hell, a little white lie never hurt nobody.I mean, just look at her -- the jacket, sadly, credits neither the photographer nor the model, but I'd wager it was the best photo shoot ever.

Hot Chicks on Crazy German Album Covers

As you've probably noticed, I'm a fan of old album covers. A couple weeks ago, I picked up a wacky-looking German album at a thrift shop, just to see what was recorded on it. Sadly, it was polka music (should I have been so surprised?) However, the back of the album sleeve, with its catalog of other records from Maritim, had enough hot, come-hithery West German babes (along with some artsy nudity) to make the purchase worthwhile:

The New Fifty Guitars - Disco's Greatest Hits

The lovely lady below was photographed by Don Lee for Springboard/Musicor for the cover of a Snuff-Garrett-free 50 Guitars album that appears to be the group's last release. The music really isn't all that bad -- a bit better than musak, but a bit softer than the disco it hoped to be. What could reflect the sense, feeling, and lust of the Disco era, as embodied by guitar arrangements?An acre of b-cup cleavage from a grumpy/lusty model who doesn't seem to have ever held a guitar before? Aces! That access strip up the middle is for convenience -- flipping up a skirt to access underneath is relatively easy, but when you're trying to get at some gal's tits and her dress has a brazillion little buttons up the center you're delayed in your objectives. With this dress, the instructions are simple: insert thumbs below breasts, lift outward. Excelsior! That one on the right is a half-inch from escaping on its own anyway.

Vinyl to USB Adapter: Records to MP3 in one step

Gadget Gary of Sound & Vision magazine got to try out this slick little machine: the Audio-Technica AT-LP2D-USB. It's a record player (remember those?) with its own analog-to-digital converter and a USB connection to the computer. Plug it in, and you can record right from an album to an MP3. In the old days (i.e. 2003), you had to go through the sound card -- additional connections mean additional noise -- so having everything onboard and away from the electrical noise of the PC is hopefully an improvement. The turntable doesn't do 78s, and since my Gracie has all kinds of kinky old 10" records, I'll have to stick with my 1970s turntable for recording. Still, we've got 45s, and it's relatively cheap (about the price of a nice non-USB turntable), so I might have to put it on my Xmas list. I'd have prefered if Gadget Gary talked more about the audio quality than the software it came with, but I'll bet he'd definitely complain if it sucked.One caveat: Audio-Technica makes two versions of this machine -- one with USB, above, and one without...which is pretty much an average record player. Go with the USB variant.

The LA Connection's "Big Hits"

As far as crappy cover bands go, the LA Connection wasn't the best, but they were cheap and enough misled people bought their records to make it profitable. I think this album puts it's assets right there out in front, to help the sale along. If those are it's Big Hits, I'd like to have a "long-playing" time with them. Eh, I'm done with the record-industry euphamisms now.
As far as this lady's "hits", they're really not all that big -- women with large breasts usually don't have that big of a gulf between them unless they're unrestrained and lying on their backs. That tight of a shirt should be pressing a D-cup to the forefront, but, well, these "hits" are about as massive as The La Connection's hits -- the might look good from the outside, properly packaged and marketed, but not quite as impressive once they're slipped out of their cover and played.

Dolores Erickson!

If you've been poking around, or if I've got bad links on the website, you've seen this lady from the old Herb Alpert album.

Well, she's Dolores Erickson, and in July of 2000 she gave an interview about her famous photo. So many men in their 40s first felt stirrings upon finding this photo in their parent's record collection, she's a sexual meme all her own.