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Whipped Cream Gal!

One of my first posts on this blog was about her, she's in my "Sex Sells" icon and on the 404 page - oh, and she's on one of the most-printed album cover ever. Dolores Erickson was a young model, pregnant and looking for work, when she agreed to pose for the album cover. Years later, millions of guys my age remember her as the cause of our nascent erections, trying to catch a glimpse of the album cover when mom and dad weren't looking. And, dare I say it, she's still sexy as hell, but them I'm a lot older now, too.


Dolores Erickson!

If you've been poking around, or if I've got bad links on the website, you've seen this lady from the old Herb Alpert album.

Well, she's Dolores Erickson, and in July of 2000 she gave an interview about her famous photo. So many men in their 40s first felt stirrings upon finding this photo in their parent's record collection, she's a sexual meme all her own.