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Be Careful Ladies!

You aren't being very careful, fashionable women: injuries while shaving your genitals is too, too high. Largely, the problem affects women in their twenties and thirties - but men in their thirties and forties. One: ladies, be careful, we like our vulvas intact. Guys: I know the rumour is that shaving makes your junk look bigger, but that's an old wives' tale, so unless you're trying to attract old wives (not that there's anything wrong with that) you should just leave your pubes alone. I'm a fan of a little furriness down there, so trim, gentleman and ladies, don't shave: it's too dangerous.

Get Hairy!

In September this woman shaved for the last time, and has been blogging her hair regrowth. Riveting as it sounds, it's actually more subtle than that: most of her posts are about the expectation of beauty and women's bodies, so you might actually learn something more than just what pubes look like at various stages of growth. It appears she just registered her own domain, but not much content there yet.

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Shave Like Bond!

Because the movie Skyfall has a sexy shaving scene, in which a babe makes Bond's face baby smooth, Sales of straight-razors have gone up seven brazillion percent. I'm sure a lot of guys are going to try it once, cut themselves horribly, and put it on the shelf with the rest of their manscaping paraphernalia, but if you want to do it right: here's a good tutorial, and The Straight Razor Place will take care of you, too.



At coffee break, an attractive curly-haired young man who just started in the shop entered the cafeteria and asked for help in running the high-tech coffee machine.

After he left, of course, the women at the table started commenting about him.

"I should dropped something, get him to bend over."

"He was cute, tall..."

"I don't know about that 'pubic hair' hairstyle..."

Pubic hairs are ALWAYS a conversation starter, right?

40something Conservative Woman said, "You know what? At bowling one of the girls has a deck of naughty playing cards...and every one of those men is shaved -- DOWN THERE. They cut their pubes, it's so gross."

Long-Haired Engineer says, "well, don't mention that around CR/LF --"

Conservative Woman responded, "oh, I know that he shaves his armpits..."

(that I do)

"...and he's the first thing I thought of when I saw those cards!"

Laughter abounded. Choking occured but tragedy was averted. And, now my pubic shaving habits are now the subject of speculation in the office. Long-Haired Engineer has christened me "Jack", after the jack of spades.