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Stephen Colbert!

Once upon a time, famous rich-person Richard Branson went kitesurfing with a naked woman strapped to his back. Why? "Because fuck you, that's why", said Branson before wiping his butt with hundred dollar bills (or so I heard that's how it went). Anyhow, shortly thereafter Stephen Colbert was caught in an equally compromising position, vacuuming with a naked woman on his back, while dressed like Richard Branson. This is why I'm trying to get rich, people: I am so rarely ridden by naked women, and I feel left out.

Porn Parody Dude!

One of the culprits behind all those porn parodies flooding the adult video market did an AMA at Reddit, and disclosed his secrets. Namely, he's a screenwriter trying to make entertaining art. HOW DARE HE, doesn't he understand that this is PORN?!? There's no room for creativity and originality in porn. But, apparently he's the guy behind the American Horror Story parody "American Whore Story", which apparently has witches doing sex magic, so at least he'll be remembered for something.


Mommy Blogs Too Sexy!

God damn it ladies: stop being all sexy and shit in your mommy blogs. I know, it's a Catch-22 -- you're women, so everything you do is sexy. It's just the way it is, but you need to reign it in, because we're getting tired of ways to objectify you. I mean, MILF is so 2002. There must be something new you can do.