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Handjob Tips!

Guys might not be thinking that far ahead (and by the time you're ready to help, we've lost our cognitive thought abilities), but, ladies, we haven't realize that, by the time we got laid for the first time, guys have had enormous experience stroking a cock to fruition. LoveHoney's here to help you uneducated ladies with ten tips for giving an awesome handjob. And, hey, if you're a guy inexperienced in wanking, you might get some tips, too...but what have you been doing if you're masturbatory experienced is limited? There's not a hobby I've heard of that could distract men from their own penis that much. And, frankly, if you're a guy who hasn't masturbated much, go find a woman to do it to you; you won't be disappointed.

Handjobs: Who Gets Them?

An interesting question: who gets handjobs anymore? To tell the absolute truth: I've never had one, never understood them, really, although in retrospect during my youth I'd probably have enjoyed somebody else's hand more than just my own. Gracie has mentioned giving them out during her youth as a way of defusing over-zealous boyfriends at around 2nd base, so I suppose there were some lucky ones out there. As a guy who doesn't get off from blowjobs, I'd probably actually succeed with a handjob today...but who wants the guy to be done before the woman is satisfied? The answer might be in terminology: the rest of us usually call it "mutual masturbation", or graduate to other body parts and turn it into an orgasmic tit-fuck (I enjoy successful ones of those, thank you very much). So, the answer to SexSF's question is: getting handjobs? nope, not me.

Happy Spa Ending!

I haven't experienced such things, but it's nice some scientists are willing to take the plunge: a researcher from the Nerve think-tank describes going to a spa which offers "happy endings", which sounds far more pleasant than anyone could have explained; just the ambiance sounds like a fun time, without the extracurricular activities. If only the writer had read an article like this before going, he'd have been far less nervous. Still, it's a sample of one, and I'd probably end up at a creepy massage parlor, run by people of indeterminate gender and lack of running water.