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Noise Vibrations!

Digging through these old Easyriders is fun - you learn so much! I found the sextoy below in one of their 'recommended purchases', right below the beer-can sling you hang around your neck and a folding shotgun. An audio-controlled vibrator? That's awfully high-tech for the seventies; I didn't even know similar products still exist, updated for the iPod generation. One difference is (and the picture doesn't show it) that the 1970s version had a separate amp box, which doesn't sound too comfortable during practical use. I imagine that, a handy person could take out the low-powered amp it came with and put in a nice Mcintosh tube amp for rumblier lows. That's the thing with off-the-shelf audio equipment: it's always a good idea to replace the important parts with something a little more high-end.


Biker Babe Bubble Bath!

I'm starting to upload content over at the revamped Peek-A-Boob site, and a while back Gracie bought a crate of old Easyriders magazines. Fipping through the fun user-submitted content (boy, bikers loved the swastika in the 70s, didn't they?) I found this lovely lady enjoying a sexy bubble bath. That hair must've made her hot shit at the time.

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Calling Spacemen!

The seventies were downright fucked up, and not just because of Disco. In 1976, a progrock group wrote this "anthem for World Contact Day", as the song to welcome aliens to planet Earth. Not content to leave the song in the hands of LSD-dropping economics majors, The Carpenters did the version below. I was pretty young, but think to yourself: you've got the mainstreamiest, white-breadiest of groups singing not just about - but directly to - alien spacecraft that are coming to our planet in peace. It's like when you learned that the My Name Is Earl guy is a scientologist: you just can't see where it was that things made a left turn into crazyville. Here you go:

Topless Massage In London

The best I can date this is around 1977 to 1978, after the release of "Come Play With Me" but before the star's death -- however, the biggest attraction in London for pervs like me wasn't the movie: the UK magazine New Action MS had these ads for "topless massage," assumedly with a happy ending (so to speak). The ads are quite detailed and explicit, as opposed to the entendre-laden all-text personal ads that advertise naughty massage today. Nicole Sauna is the only one still partaking in toplessness, now called Rio's, and New Park Sauna gave up the toplessness to became the Manor Park Sauna; the rest have closed and moved on.