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Ever have sex and wonder whether you can get a disease with all those fluids just squirting all over like a lawn sprinkler with allergies? Scroguard has your back! Well, it's mostly your front, because that's the part that is touching somebody else's naughty bits. A condom may protect the penis itself, but there's plenty of other areas that come in contact, particularly since Herpes is spread by skin contact all over down there, not just PIV sex. If you're really worried about any skin contact, The Naked Gun shows how it's done.


Liquor = Unsafe Sex!

Want to fuck somebody in the most reckless and dangerous way? Drink a shitload of alcohol, and you're more likely to have unsafe sex. That sort of thing might turn on a lot of people, like most of Dublin's teenagers, but for the rest of us, ladies, we'll happily fuck you without either of us having to get really drunk. We both might enjoy it a bit more, too.

Condom Disgust!

Jesus christ, lady, it's not that bad, is it? There comes a time in everybody's life to learn how to put on a condom, and just because you're a 2nd year college student doesn't make it too late. Just don't make that face when putting a rubber on a real human dick: he can see you. Oh, and pinching a hole in the tip with your fingernails will just get you pregnant, ahmjustsayin'.