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Glory Hole Girl!

I'm a bit too scared to use a gloryhole - I imagine meat grinders on the other side, but I'm a bit fucked up in the head - but this story from a worker at a sex-service-station and how her gloryhole job goes, I might just have to go stick my dick in a wall for once. Well, the right wall, of course, after the first time you're banned from the Applebee's bathroom, you learn to be more judicious of where you're sticking it.

Tax Domme!

Got your taxes in? It's the day! And who should you have called? Lori the Tax Domme, who helps sex workers get their maximum return. Think JacksonHewitt without the soul-crushing fees, but still willing to step on your balls for a while. If you didn't partake in her services this year, keep her in mind for next year. Gotta deduct whoopie cushions somehow. Via.