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Porn Parody Dude!

One of the culprits behind all those porn parodies flooding the adult video market did an AMA at Reddit, and disclosed his secrets. Namely, he's a screenwriter trying to make entertaining art. HOW DARE HE, doesn't he understand that this is PORN?!? There's no room for creativity and originality in porn. But, apparently he's the guy behind the American Horror Story parody "American Whore Story", which apparently has witches doing sex magic, so at least he'll be remembered for something.


Porn Screenwriting?

Think your erotic writing is up to snuff? Porn screenwriting isn't for you: porn screenwriters only write the non-porn stuff, for the most part, and get paid crap. They have less to write than a regular feature film, about the same as a TV sitcom, so there's no super porn screenwriters guild full of well-paid and respected authors. The worry is, now that porn is shrinking into downloadable chunk-sized bits, who even bothers hiring a screenwriter? Soon, the regular screenwriting business is going to be flooded with talented writers fill the scripts with naughty innuendo, but stop when the story gets good and says, "the director will fill in from here." If you've seen the new Transformers movie, you'll understand that things are already underway.