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Recommended Sex Toys!

A female employee of an adult bookstore did an AskReddit recently, and the most relevant question was "what toys do you like?" Well, the young lady answered honestly, picking a top six list, one of which was handmade but the rest anyone can buy. They are: And as for the flogger, here's instructions on how to make one yourself.

Porn Parody Dude!

One of the culprits behind all those porn parodies flooding the adult video market did an AMA at Reddit, and disclosed his secrets. Namely, he's a screenwriter trying to make entertaining art. HOW DARE HE, doesn't he understand that this is PORN?!? There's no room for creativity and originality in porn. But, apparently he's the guy behind the American Horror Story parody "American Whore Story", which apparently has witches doing sex magic, so at least he'll be remembered for something.


Reddit Porn!

Reddit is an excellent community of netizens who share all the varieties the photos of cats and stock-photos with captions you could possibly imagine. However, there's a darker side, one where Redditors Go Wild and people hotlink porn from sites like Red Blooded Thing without crediting the source. OK, Reddit and I have a love-hate relationship. But, if you want to accidentally turn your Reddit account into a free-porn account, here's how you do it.