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MidMod Record Console!

Now this is stylish: a midcentury-modern styled record storage shelf with built-in turntable. I like that sloped shelf underneath - perfect for flipping through albums while keeping them relatively flat. The best thing is, anyone with a modicum of woodworking skills could reproduce this with a few basic tools, like those old 'make your own modern furniture' books from the '50s.


Vagina Couches!

How hard is it to get rid of a couch that looks like an engorged vulva? Pretty damn hard, it seems. Five days ago, someone posted on the Portland Craigslist that she was selling the vagina loveseat she had made in art school, asking $600. Googling "vagina couch" as I often do, I ran across a listing from 2008 where a woman named Willow was trying to sell the exact same couch in Mendocinco California. Looks like it's tough to sell a vagina couch these days -- not only did Willow fail to find a buyer five years ago, she packed it up and moved it ten hours to the north, where it has been languishing in an unloved corner of her apartment since, probably getting covered in cat fur and old grocery bags and that windbreaker she can't find because it's all shoved down in the folds and is covered in cat hair and grocery bags. At least it wasn't a $20K vagina couch, you're really looking for a specialized buyer there. In Portland, there must be at least twenty people in the sexually-themed furniture market at the under-$1,000 pricetag.


Fuck Chair!

Well, fuck - after yesterday's vibe bike, I joked about having a orgasm-inducing chair, and then I found this god damned thing. It's called a Diletto, and looks like one of those dumbass ergonomic 70s chairs but instead of causing back pain it fucks you while you rock back and forth. Talk about multitasking while at your desk.

Humpable Sinks!

Now, I'm all for fucking housewares (btw, don't drink out of any of the Star Wars glasses in my cupboard), but these look a little too public to use to get off. Maybe Kohler will start selling them for in-house installation or something - then I can multitask while I'm washing my Star Wars glasses: