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Eye Handy!

Eye Handy combines two of everyone's favorite things: around-the-house handyman skills, and sexy babes. I think it does an OK job, but I found a number of mistakes in this video.
  1. No safety goggles. I can wave artistic license, but they should at least recommend it. Glass bits are worse than sawdust for eyes.
  2. She should have put a knot in the wire on the inside of the bottle; this prevents the wires from coming loose from the socket if the cord gets yanked. Also, a grommet to protect the cord from the sharp glass edges would be better.
  3. "If the light doesn't turn on, your have the wires backwards"? Wire direction prevents the socket from being 'live' even though the switch is off, lightbulbs light up either way.
  4. No mention of how the socket is mounted to the rest of the lamp; that's asking for the wire to get bent or twisted or otherwise compromised, or at the very least to cause the lampshade to randomly flop over sideways. In fact, nothing is really attached to anything else, aside from the stopper.
  5. They put the shade on underneath the socket; now the bulb is an extra couple inches higher. You can see when they turn it on that the bulb is almost sticking out of the top of the lampshade. That shade had a built-in mount that fits on the top of the light socket...if they bought the right kind of socket.
  6. Where's the light switch? If it's on the socket, the shade placement makes it difficult to get to.
Sorry, Eye Handy - I really want to like your site, but I can see underwear models without getting instructions for building a mildly-dangerous lamp. Hopefully the rest are better.

PS: go watch this for better eyewear, ear protection and glove use.

Babe Not Included!

Now this is the motherfucking definition of 'sex sells'. eBay seller "babenotincluded" has made it his business model to display all of his motorcycle parts being held by a nearly-naked women. God Bless America, people. Sadly, I've seen less brazen cases of this taken down by eBay for obscenity, so your chance to see the pictures may be a timed event. They're definitely worth seeing.


Bikini Hockey League!

Why does nobody tell me when there's a new bikini-themed sport? I've long been a fan of the Lingerie Bowl, and who can forget the venerable art of mud wrestling, but their cold-weather compatriots have formed into the Bikini Hockey League (site is currently down). I found out about this heavenly sport because they're filming a horrible reality show to show off just why they want to punch each other in the rink. So far it appears to be just a handful of hot chicks on rollerblades who got kicked out of their local rollerderby for having too huge boobs. But, this is how things start: if a media campaign showing half-naked women and a badly-done reality show don't get this fascinating sport off the ground, I don't know what will.

Sexy Movie Space Babes

Dark Roasted Blend has an excellent set of images documenting hot space babes from film and TV -- and it's not Star-Trek-hottie variety this time. Barbarella, of course, is heavily represented. I never saw U.F.O., but, damn, purple-haired alien chicks are hotter than I expected. We should all savor the 1960s female liberation that defined sexy, huge-breasted women as a sign of a better future!

More Soapy Pics!

Holy crap -- has it been so long since I've done my Obligatory Soapy Pics? It's not like I haven't been looking (because I have), I've just been writing about other stuffs and things besides. So -- here you go --


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Oh...ummmm..."what else," you ask? Eh, not much....Thanksgiving isn't the most sexually-oriented holiday. There's plenty of Christmas porn, Easter porn, 4th of July porn, Halloween porn...but as of today, there's no Thanksgiving porn at all. When you have a holiday that revolves around eating a hell of a lot of food, watching sweaty men play football, focus on your mom (and other family members), and driving in heavy traffic, there's not much sexy about it. Well, unless you're into those sorts of things. Sweaty traffic incest football may be the perfect fetish for Thanksgiving, but fortunately that's rather rare.

Chicks With Guns!

Now we're talking -- CHICKS WITH GUNS. Not really porn, but still plenty to get me all hard and bothered.